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Road conditions slick as local counties placed on travel advisories

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Photo: Mary Carman (Elkhart)

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Photo: Bevin Redding (Elkhart)

Photo of Nolan Peffley using his Project Blizzard snow stick! (Niles)

Photo: Andrea Dunn (Niles)

Photo: Josh McNeil (Edwardsburg)

Photo: Dan Forehand (Dunlap)

Photo: Carol Wesselhoft (Elkhart)

Photo: Jennifer St. Clair (Elkhart)

Photo: Tiffany Anderson

Photo: Bryan Milstead (Edwardsburg)

Photo: Scott Perry (Goshen)

Photo: Jennifer Parrish (Cassopolis)

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.--Road conditions around Michiana were slick and icy on Tuesday morning due to snowfall.

As of Tuesday morning, multiple counties around Michiana were under a weather travel advisory.

LaPorte, St. Joseph and Fulton counties were placed on travel advisories by their individual county's emergency management agency.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Office said that blowing snow is decreasing visibility in many local areas Tuesday morning but emergency crews are out working to clear roads.

Indiana State Police Sergeant Ted Bohner says it’ll be a busy day for first responders due to the weather conditions. He’s urging caution as people head out on Tuesday.

“It’s going to be a very busy day. Especially when people start to head to work and we get a higher concentration of drivers on the road, we’re going to have some issues for sure,” Bohner said.

Bohner is urging drivers to slow down on Tuesday and allow more time to get where you need to go.

“The bypass is always bad. Interstates, places where you have higher concentrations of drivers and driving faster as well. That’s what creates the problems,” Bohner said. “Road conditions are not an excuse to run stop signs and red lights. You should be driving in a way that you can stop if and when you need to.”

Bohner says to avoid the bypass if at all possible and to take secondary roads instead.

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lbosstel 144 days ago
I had people flying by me last night on my way home and on my way into work this morning. Some that were in ditches were big trucks that seem to think it is ok to drive fast making it unsafe for other drivers. Slow down is the answer and pay attention.
MX 145 days ago
Going slow is not the answer. The problem is that we have a majority of drivers that are not, and have never been, in full control of their vehicle. A touch of inclement weather exposes how widespread this problem really is.
MX MX 145 days ago
Use your PTO if you are unable to control your vehicle. Stay off the roads and stop being a hazard.
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