Protesters march through Michigan City peacefully

NOW: Protesters march through Michigan City peacefully

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind.-- Protesters gathered peacefully together Sunday night to walk the streets of Michigan to demand justice for their African American brothers and sisters, both still alive and those who have fallen.

“Here we are in Michigan City Indiana and because of what happened in Minneapolis effects us because of the occupation that we do," said Chief of the Michigan City Police, Dion Campbell. "It just means it’s time to for us to step up when we’re wrong. I think the public needs to hear that we’re wrong and we just need to educate the public on what it is we do and give a complete picture before we come to any judgements.”

From day to night.

The chants you heard ringing throughout the streets remained the same.

"Say his name- George Floyd, say his name- George Floyd." and "No justice, no peace. No justice, no peace."

The message for justice for all African Americans, especially the fallen like George Floyd were constantly being chanted for hours throughout Michigan City.

“Because while nothing happened in Michigan city yet, I only say yet because anything is possible, we want to put the message out there that we don’t want it to happen at all," said mother and protester, Mary Cooks. "We don’t want that."

A message matching those of the Michigan City police.

“Our department heads adamantly denounced what’s going on there and we support a peaceful protest in our city," said Chief Campbell.

Chief Campbell says they were playing the supportive role Sunday to be there for their community, as their officers know there Minneapolis brothers were in the wrong.

“Unfortunately we live in a society where everything is filmed as it should be and a few incidents that have happened on a consistent basis has made us all look bad," said Chief Campbell.

Many protesters reached out saying that Chief Campbell is the reason things did not escalate in Michigan City.

His kindness, understanding, and empathy shown for all of those in attendance and for those their message for justice matched across the country.

With joined missions and hearts, police joined with the mixed bag of protesters.

“And when I say mixed I mean it’s people in wheel chairs on bikes motorcycles standing it’s so many people of every color every nationality they out here," said Cooks.

To march, lay and speak their minds to not only be seen but heard as they make history.

"To reach my kids this is nothing in a book but for them to see history in the making means the world to me," said Cooks.

And organizers say this protest was not only for the future.

“Not only the fallen black people black men and women in marching for our future leaders I’m marching for the future the kids," said Cooks.

But gave them hope for the future as well.

“We see a ton of young people here today," said Organized and United Residents in Michigan City organizer, Sarah Zawacki. "And we want to see this more and more we want to see young people stand together and take action together.”

To reiterate, the protests in Michigan City were all peaceful through and through.

However, the protesters say their mission is far from over.

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