Potawatomi Zoo welcomes greater kudu calf

Potawatomi Zoo Potawatomi Zoo Potawatomi Zoo
SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The Potawatomi Zoo just grew by four long legs and two big ears! Zoo staff welcomed a new greater kudu calf on September 5.

The male calf was born to first time parents Neva and Tumaini. He’s healthy and living behind the scenes while he bonds with his mom.

Greater kudu are one of the largest species of antelope, with bulls weighing up to 600 pounds and cows weighing between 250 and 450 pounds, according to the zoo.

Bulls have distinct large, twisted horns, black and white face markings and shaggy neck beards.

Native to eastern and southern Africa, greater kudu are foragers and prefer scrub woodland habitats, though they can adapt to areas inhabited by humans.

While the species is not currently threatened by extinction in the wild, populations are sparse in some areas because of deforestation, declining habitat space and poaching.

Visitors cannot see the kudu calf yet but will be able to soon! Zoo staff will let him roam the main kudu yard once he’s bigger.

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