Polls open for Benton Harbor Mayoral Race

NOW: Polls open for Benton Harbor Mayoral Race

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - Voters will decide who will be the next mayor for the city of Benton Harbor. The two candidates on the ballot are incumbent Marcus Muhammad and his challenger Gwen Johnson.

Muhammed is seeking to win a four year-term for a position he has held since 2015. In 2009, he won his first election as a city commissioner.

Muhammed said if reelected, raising the quality of life and improving the housing stock is one of his goals.

He said there are many multi-million-dollar projects underway throughout the city, including Project T, which aims to construct residential and commercial space, and the Corner at Wall Street, which is anticipated to house a grocery store and a 55-unit supportive housing complex.

“There’s many projects, many things in place, and I need your support to continue to move us forward and make Benton Harbor great again,” Muhammed said.

He is going up against a community and social justice leader, Gwen Johnson. This is her first mayoral run.

She says including people in the decision-making process is her primary goal. Johnson believes locals can contribute to finding answers for the city's issues.

Some of her priorities include building sustainable jobs, strengthening community programs and improving housing.

“I am here for the city, I am here for our residents, I am boots on the ground and talking to people to see what they need and what they want,” Johnson said.

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