Police investigate underage drinking at Cheers Pub

Roseland Police Department

ROSELAND, Ind. - Police issued over 70 citations for underage drinking at Cheers Pub Thursday night. 

In response to numerous complaints regarding underage drinking at Cheers Pub, police, including Indiana State Excise Police Department, the St. Joseph County Police Department, and the Town of Walkerton Police Department, arrived around 11:30 p.m., November 2, to conduct an unannounced "compliance check" ensuring that businesses were following federal, state and local mandates for serving alcoholic beverages. 

Numerous underage customers, as young as 17-years-old, were being served alcoholic beverages. 

“We’ve been receiving a lot of complaints regarding Cheers Pub, and this compliance check uncovered what we suspected.” said Chief Avery Minor of Roseland Police Department. “We will continue to make sure that Roseland is a safe environment for all to live, work, and enjoy themselves in."

The police forces issued over 70 underaged citations and confiscated over 50 fake ID's. 

Police reports were generated for further investigation and potential charges. 

Roseland Chief Minor is committed to continue investigations to the fullest extent possible. 

“The Town of Roseland will not tolerate the serving of alcohol to minors in violation of the law," said Minor in a statement. 

Anyone with further information can reach out to the Roseland Police Department (574) 272-6485, as well as Michiana crime stoppers at 574-288-STOP.

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