Pandemic pause leaves high school sports at a standstill

The state of Michigan’s extended pause for COVID-19 has Michigan high school athletes wondering when they can get back on the field.

Wednesday was originally the day football players were going to be allowed to restart practice.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association met Wednesday afternoon with the hopes of having a plan for fall sports to finish their season as well as provide guidance for winter sports programs.

The meeting ended without any action taken. The association will meet again on December 16.

Edwardsburg football Coach Kevin Bartz says he believes the MHSAA is committed to finishing the fall season, but doesn’t think it will happen in 2020.

“If they don’t do it in January, when are you going to do? And if you do it in January, what are you doing with the winter sports while you’re pushing those back because I’d say I’ve probably got probably 80 percent of our basketball players play football as well. So not sure how we put them off for another three to four weeks,” Bartz said.

The Eddies are still hoping they’ll get the opportunity to play South Christian for a chance to play in the state championship game.

As of now, athletics can resume on December 20.

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