One-on-one with Nevada head coach Brian Polian


ABC57's Allison Hayes sat down with Nevada Head Coach Brian Polian to discuss the game against Notre Dame on Saturday.

Brian Polian: I have no problem saying that this is a special place, I am the opponent and we're trying to win the game. Trust me, I had one person ask me, hey are you conflicted? No, I'm not conflicted, I'm here to try and win, that said my time here was special. I appreciate it very much. I appreciate Michiana, the community, the people. So from that part of it, I will take a moment to step back and appreciate what a great moment it is.

Allison Hayes: I imagine that would pretty much the icing on the cake for you to come back where part of your career was really started and to get a win at Notre Dame. What does it take for Nevada to beat Notre Dame?

Brian Polian: We've got to play clean, we don't have to play perfectly. We've got to withstand the early flurry. There's no doubt Notre Dame's going to try to go for the knock out punch. They're coming off a frustrating loss, it's the home opener. We've got to hang in there in the early rounds here.

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