Officer who shot deer put on leave

NOW: Officer who shot deer put on leave

UPDATE: The officer involved in the incident has been removed from the department. 


VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. - The deer's name was Annie. 

Described as loving, kind and unharmful, she and her fawn roamed the town of Lawrence, Michigan and surrounding towns.

Locals say Annie was given treats and pets by the community.

The Pokagon Band Tribal Police were assisting the Van Buren County Sheriffs' department on an arrest at a home, when resident Theresa Braswell said an officer spotted the two-year-old deer, dragged her down, and euthanized the animal on the spot.

“The fact that you can sit there and shoot that animal in the neck with no remorse and turn around and tell the family you need to get her meat tested to make sure it’s salvageable for a family to feed, that’s not okay, you don’t say those kinds of things,” Braswell said.

On social media, people were furious with the police, believing the officer was unjustified killing of the deer.

Many shared memories and pictures of the deer they once knew and loved.

“It’s going to hurt everyone in this community because she visited everyone on a daily basis," said resident Pamela Babb. "She always knew where to come to get food and where to play. I don’t know what we’re all going to do without her."

Braswell believes administrative leave for the officer isn’t enough.

“You tore a community down over a wildlife deer who came and go as she pleased," said Braswell. "She wasn’t a danger to the community. You not only took a deer from the community, you’ve taken a monument from a community."

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