Notre Dame vs. Duke game recap

NOW: Notre Dame vs. Duke game recap

DURHAM, NC. -- Notre Dame at Duke recap: 9/30/23

Notre Dame controlled the first half, leading 10-0 after two quarters, but Duke surged back to take a 14-13 lead in the fourth. 

Sam Hartman and the Irish are faced with a 95-yard drive ahead of them with less than three minutes to go.

A sea of blue is ecstatic, the Irish, anxious to make the last few seconds worth it. 

After several completions, an offensive pass-interference penalty and an incompletion, the Irish find themselves with the game on the line at 4th&16. 

With no open receivers, Hartman tucked the ball and ran, diving across the first-down line with just over 40 seconds to play.

In a flash, Audric Estime takes off for a 30-yard touchdown run and scores with just 31 seconds left. 

The Irish went 95 yards in 10 plays. 

Following the touchdown, the Irish chooses to run a 2-point conversion and they score, making it 21-14, Notre Dame.

The Blue Devils look for a tie, but the Irish's defense holds strong, forcing a fumble on a strip-sack. 

Duke quarterback, Riley Leonard takes a hit and limps off their field, favoring his right leg. 

Notre Dame runs out the clock and gets the win over #17-ranked Duke, 21-14 final score. 

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