Notre Dame looking to keep momentum going after a much needed bye week

NOW: Notre Dame looking to keep momentum going after a much needed bye week

SOUTH BEND, Ind – The Irish are back to the gridiron after some rest, but can they emulate the 48-20 win over USC in the matchup against Pitt?

It's been over a week since we've seen or heard from this Notre Dame football team.

The last time was after that 48-20 win over USC at home under the lights after steamrolling the Trojans.

Since the late win against Duke, members of the media have been asking, “Does this team need some rest? Are they mentally and physically fatigued?” But players and coaches kept the same story saying they knew what to expect, and they aren’t tired.

However, in today’s press conference, Head Coach Marcus Freeman said otherwise.

“We had a much needed by week for our players mentally and physically...they needed it,” Freeman mentioned.

Eight straight games was to be expected, but it was more than that for players actually in the trenches.

“You think about...we started this season, the last week of June, we started training camp and have gone straight until you know last week,” Freeman said.

Before enjoying Fall break, Freeman kept the momentum going after the win over USC by having practice during the bye week.

“Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we had to practice, and we had to get after it and really make sure that we were improving at all areas of the football,” Freeman added.

To recap the win over the Trojans, Notre Dame sacked last year’s Heisman trophy winner Caleb Williams six times, picked him off three times, recovered two fumbles, and you can’t forget the 99-yard kick return by Jadarian Price.

“The biggest thing for the USC game was they played fast, because they were clear on what exactly their expectation was. They were relentless,” Freeman said.

As the Irish prep for the University of Pitt at home, the biggest thing will be not overlooking a 2-5 record. The Panthers have the skills to beat good teams.

They showed it by knocking off undefeated Louisville just one week after the Louisville beat Notre Dame 33-20.

Notre Dame will host Pitt on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

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