Notre Dame Football memorabilia shop owner reacts to Coach Kelly's departure

NOW: Notre Dame Football memorabilia shop owner reacts to Coach Kelly’s departure

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- More fans reacted to former Fighting Irish head football Coach Brian Kelly's departure to Louisiana State University, including life-long fan and owner of Augie’s Locker Room, a local store filled with Notre Dame Football memorabilia.

Super-fan and Augie’s Locker Room store owner Jim Augustine, may be like a lot of Irish fans, unsure of how to feel about Coach Kelly’s exit, along with what that could mean for the team, and his shop.

“You know I am up in the air about, more concerned about what’s going to happen, the impact it will have on players,” said Augustine.

The life-long collector and die-hard Notre Dame fan has run the sports memorabilia shop for almost 15 years.

From historic helmets to jerseys, the store dedicated to almost everything Notre Dame Football, which is why Augustine believes when the team wins so does his shop.

“When seven home games are here in South Bend that’s what impacts our store in a positive way,” said Augustine. “It’s very very productive and lucrative when the team is winning as we all know.”

Brian Kelly just surpassed Knute Rockne to become the winningest coach in Fighting Irish Football history, one of the many reasons Augustine and other fans said they’re sad to see him go, especially now.

“It’s definitely a bummer. You hate to see it. I have a lot of friends who are really peeved off and not happy about the whole situation. We’re just hoping he doesn’t take our whole program with us,” said William Andrews, a Notre Dame Student and Football Fan.

“It’s kind of a letdown because we have a chance to go into the championship,” added Augustine.

Augustine told ABC57 no matter who’s picked to replace Coach Kelly he’s still looking forward to more home games next year to bring in fans, and is hopeful for his store’s and the team’s future.

“I think we’re going to be fine. So, I don’t think him leaving is going to affect us. I don’t know if Brian Kelly mini helmets are going to be purchased anytime soon, but I do have some of those,” he added. “The kids are resilient I think they’re great athletes. I think they’re fine, they’ll be fine.”

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