Notre Dame football introduces early enrollees and transfers

NOW: Notre Dame football introduces early enrollees and transfers

SOUTH BEND, Ind – The Irish have a handful of new faces to elevate the program, including the sons of former NFL players Brian Urlacher (Chicago Bears) and Ryan Clark (Pittsburgh Steelers).

The son of former legendary linebacker Brian Urlacher is Kennedy, coming from Chandler, Arizona and playing on the defensive side of the ball just like his father.

"He was pushing here hard. He loved it over here so, I loved it over here too, obviously," Kennedy said.

Kennedy is a four-star safety who finished his high school career with 127 tackles, three interceptions, two forced fumbles, and a touchdown.

"This was his favorite place. I think Notre Dame just because the aspect of best of both worlds you get a great education, and obviously a really good football team," Kennedy added.

Joining him as the son of former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Ryan Clark, is sixth year graduate senior from Arizona State Jordan Clark.

"I think a lot of our parents grew up wanting to go to Notre Dame. I know I can say that for myself. My dad talks about all the time how he wanted to be Tony Rice. So, I think really just opportunity what the school stands for what it means to college football and college sports period is the mecca. So, to have the opportunity to come here as a blessing. It's something that I'm so grateful for and something that our parents definitely understand the gravity of," Jordan mentioned.

Jordan played five seasons with the Sun Devils and finished with 50 tackles, but Notre Dame was the school he and his father wanted to be part of.

"I just remember him being super excited he sent me pictures of his peewee football team that was like Notre Dame team that had go helmets and navy-blue jerseys. He was just geeked it was like talking to a little kid about it really," said Jordan.

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