Notre Dame fan Gerry Brown collects player autographs

NOW: Notre Dame fan Gerry Brown collects player autographs

You could say that Gerry Brown bleeds blue and gold.

His North Liberty home is filled with Notre Dame memorabilia.

From game day programs. To magazines. To Calendars.

But the most-treasured part of his Fighting Irish collection, the autographs.                                                                                     

"Anytime I go to a game I buy a program,” Notre Dame sports fan Gerry Brown said. “Some of the programs have the player's picture on there, so if I get the chance, I will have the player autograph that cover.”

A former athletic director at John Glenn schools, Brown also worked as an usher at Notre Dame games for 6 years. 

Making unforgettable memories with some Irish icons.

"It was super,” Brown said. “I met great people, had great times there at the ball games. That's where I did pick up a LaPhonso Ellis autograph. I met a lot of great people. I helped with Austin Carr. The night he was put in the Ring of Honor. Met him. Everybody has just been great."

Brown loves all the autographs in his collection.

“Some of the handwriting, they should be doctors,” Brown joked.

But, he does have a couple of favorites.

"Well I'm partial to one because I coached Luther Bradley when he was in high school,” Brown said.

Former Notre Dame All-American and national champion cornerback, Luther Bradley.

"When I was a junior at Ball State I volunteered at Muncie North for track,” Brown said. “I have his autograph."

And legendary Notre Dame quarterback Joe Theismann, who Brown met when Thiesmann co-hosted ABC57 Kickoff this season before the USC game.

"Joe Theismann this year and the chance to meet him and get the two autographs. I have a lot of Notre Dame moments. Some are just better than others."

Brown doesn’t have any current Notre Dame players’ autographs, but he’s always looking for his next opportunity. 

Brown predicts an easy win for the Fighting Irish in the Playstation Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Day and says #5 Notre Dame defeats #9 Oklahoma State 35-18.


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