NFL Analysts break down Joe Alt's stock

NOW: NFL Analysts break down Joe Alt’s stock

DETROIT, Mich. -- Former Notre Dame offensive lineman Joe Alt has already become a household name, 24 hours ahead of the 2024 NFL draft.

After three seasons at Notre Dame, the 6'9 Minnesota native has raised the eyebrows of NFL scouts and analysts.

Alt's latest prediction has him landing seventh overall to the Tennessee Titans but there's belief that he'll hear his name called sooner.

"Why do I like Alt? Dad played the game. Dad understood he's going to have a big kid, made him play other positions along the way. Got him some agility, didn't make him an offensive lineman till he got into high school. I think his sophomore year, been a tight end. Let him learn to play on his feet. Let him learn to be athletic and agile. And now he's turning them loose that way. I think the kid is a professional from day one. He may not be dramatic, he may not be spectacular, but I think your quarterback stays pretty clean," NFL Analyst Charles Davis said.

So, who should draft the former tight end?

"I firmly believe that he's the type of guy that's going to have a 10, 12, 13, hopefully longer year career in the National Football League. I believe he's going to be a pro bowl style player, ultra, ultra fabulous player and I think Tennessee's probably the spot," NFL analyst Joel Klatt mentioned.

"At five, I went with chargers. Jim Harbaugh, big people. Joe Hortiz, new general manager, big people coming from Baltimore. Alt at right tackle, Rashawn Slater at left tackle, that helps Justin Herbert," Davis added.

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