Neighbors react to shooting on New Year's

NOW: Neighbors react to shooting on New Year’s

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Neighbors in the area of the 1500th block of Miami street react to the first shooting of 2022 in their area.

"I don’t know if it was an intentional shooting but I'm sure it wasn’t. I’m sure they were just and I'm a gun owner myself. I’m not against guns or nothing like but I'm also an advocate of gun safety. You know, you have to be aware of your surrounding when you’re shooting," said Nearby anonymous resident. 

A New Year’s day shooting sends four people to the hospital all with non-life-threatening injuries. Neighbors say it’s not unfamiliar for the area.

"I guess it’s pretty normal for this neighborhood. It’s not anything out of the ordinary we just make sure that we stay inside during that time because we know there’s going to be a lot of shooting," said resident 

While common for the neighborhood residents say it’s still causes them fear.

"Last year we had a bullet go through the house. So, we know to stay away from the windows and everything when it’s new year’s. So, we did a count down away from the windows," said resident.

The neighbor who describes the shooting as devastating says law enforcement could do more to prevent the common violence.

"The police honestly, they try their best. I see them patrolling the streets all the time but nine times out of ten it happens in backyards, it happens in alley’s and they can’t catch everyone. No one’s going to call and say hey they’re shooting in their back yard and by the time the police get their no one’s going to be around. So, they can’t control that," said resident.

"I just wish they’d be more careful because if one of the bullets had struck my children, you would never find out who did it. They would just get away with it and one of my kids would be severely hurt or dead," said resident.

South Bend Police Department has no known suspect at this time. 

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