Soldiers reunite with family at South Bend airport

NOW: Soldiers reunite with family at South Bend airport

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Welcoming their heroes back home, that's how some Michiana families spent their afternoon today.  

“It's a great feeling to come back home," Commander George Allwein said. "This is my fourth deployment overseas so it’s the fourth time I’ve come home. It’s new and exciting every time. It’s different every time.” 

There was no dry eye at the Atlantic Aviation lobby.  

It was filled with hugs, tears and just pure joy.  

Sixty soldiers with the Seventy-sixth Infantry Brigade Combat team with the Indiana National Guard came back home to South Bend after a nine-month deployment in Kosovo.   

"Obviously for guys it's number one," Commander Allwein said. "Being in your own bed is at number two. Family, kids, just being able to get about your normal life so that's a unique part about national guard.  We get to carry one with our normal lives most of the time and occasionally they call us. Resuming our place in society as normal is a nice benefit we have over active duty."  

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