Nappanee and R. Yoder Contruction aim to build 125 homes

NOW: Nappanee and R. Yoder Contruction aim to build 125 homes

NAPPANEE, Ind.- A ceremony was held earlier today about the groundbreaking development which people are saying it’s going to shape the future of Nappanee.  

A local construction company officially paves the way for a project that could be a gamechanger for the city of Nappanee.

“We got to thinking internally, ‘Hey, we know there’s a housing need. The city is looking for development.’ and we approach the city mayor Jenkins and asked, ‘Hey if we were to purchase this land, what’s the viability of working with the city in order to make this happen?’ We approached the city, and they were more than open to it and excited about it. And that’s where it started,” R. Yoder Construction President Jason Yoder said.  

The first phase of the Wellfield Community Project includes 50 single family buildings and estate home options.

But when all is said and done, the neighborhood will be filled with one hundred twenty-five homes.

R. Yoder Construction President Jason Yoder said the company has already started the blueprint designs.

“We’re working on all the infrastructure which includes water, sewer, both sanitary and storm sewer. Then the roads, the curbs and sidewalks. That's currently what’s going on,” Yoder said.  

With construction expected to start in the beginning of October, Yoder says they are getting ahead of the game, by actively selling lots and homes now.

The mayor of Nappanee Phil Jenkins believes this new development will be beneficial to the city.

“We’ve got a few amenities we want to showcase here in Nappanee we want to showcase and have people come and experience Nappanee," Jenkins said. "We would like to have new residents here in Nappanee. But we would like to have our existing residents move up to something new. We're excited to have the growth, especially in this area of the city where we have this beautiful soccer complex right next to it. It’s going to add a lot to the community."

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