Michiana gains dozens of firefighters today

NOW: Michiana gains dozens of firefighters today

More than a dozen new firefighters are joining the ranks of fire departments across Michiana today. 

"Through the vetting processes and what not, not everybody meets our standards, and so we don't offer them jobs. And so, this was the cream of the crop, and I am speaking for Laporte for them as well. But what I will say is every one of these individuals put forth an amazing effort, and the citizens are very lucky to have them in their respective cities," said Brandon Roark, Assistant Chief of Training. 

Sixteen recruits went through 22 weeks of fire and EMS training, 12 of them will be joining the south bend department and 4 will be headed to the LaPorte fire department. 

Some of the newly sworn in firefighters will be on the job starting tomorrow. 

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