Man arrested after early morning shooting in Elkhart

NOW: Man arrested after early morning shooting in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind. – The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a male being shot outside of a residence in the 57000 block of Woodrow Street early Thursday morning.

The department identified the victim as Andres William Howard, an Elkhart local, and was transported to Elkhart General Hospital and was conscious and alert.

Authorities stated preliminary investigations indicated the shot came from inside the home, with several people detained and being interviewed by investigators.

The department reported witnesses told deputies a silver left the scene of the shooting and was found driving at a high rate of speed on Nappanee Street.

Officials stated the man then went into a house on Spruce Street, refused to come out, and after a short period left the home and was arrested.

Marcus Love was taken into custody for three outstanding warrants and a preliminary charge of resisting law enforcement, stated authorities.

Officials stated the warrants under him were for failure to return to a lawful detention, resisting law enforcement, and possession of cocaine and marijuana.

Love was present at the home on Woodrow but his involvement is unknown, finished authorities.

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