Local political expert weighs in on final presidential debate

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Local political expert Jack Colwell on Friday morning weighed in on the final presidential debate.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden participated in the final debate before the General Election on November 3.

“It was entirely different from that first debate, which was kind of a train wreck,” Colwell said.

Colwell said that Trump changed his style from the first debate and adopted a more “restrained” approach.

“I think both candidates did what they really needed to do. Joe Biden needed to not make a really big mistake. I think his performance, not entirely smooth, but I thought it was pretty good,” Colwell said. “The President did what he had to do, to stop the bleeding, to act more presidential, to not seem to be unhinged, and I think he did that.”

Trump and Biden debated on Thursday night from Belmont University in Nashville.

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