Local educator Beverlie Beck celebrating 80 years in the classroom

South Bend Community Schools Corporation

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Beverlie Beck is the South Bend Community School Corporation's longest serving educator with an astounding record of over 80 years in the classroom, with 69 years dedicated to teaching.

“I really enjoy being part of this corporation with its rich diversity, and I have never had a desire to leave," Beck said. "I feel called to stay and support our schools, which are a pillar of our community."

Administrators say that during her career, Beck has taught students of multiple grade levels at various schools across the district. Currently, she is serving as the reading specialist at Marshall Traditional School.

"Her love for teaching and her roots in the area drew her to the South Bend Schools," said Assistant Communications Director Blair Yankey. "Beck said she wanted to work in a school district that reflects the city's diverse community, and her love for her community has kept her from moving to another district."

Through the decades, Beck has taught generations of children, and now she even teaches the grandchildren of some of her former students.

Though many say she could have retired years ago, she says she still finds joy in teaching.

"I prefer being in the classroom with the students to being sedentary at home," Beck said.

She also served the community as a South Bend City council member for many years during the 1980s.

"I was the first woman president of our council," Beck said. "I was proud of the achievement, but the men on the council encouraged me to take the role. I didn't quit my day job and continued teaching."

The educator says one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is seeing her students progress, grow, and achieve their goals.

"Every student has different ways of learning to read, and it's rewarding to see them accomplish their goals," said Beck.

Despite witnessing many changes in student, parents, and personnel as well as other aspects of the job, she says she has no plans on retiring anytime soon.

"Retirement is not something I aspire to," Beck said. "I intend to continue teaching for as long as my brain will allow me to."

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