Local baker donates proceeds to charity supporting displaced Ukrainian families

NOW: Local baker donates proceeds to charity supporting displaced Ukrainian families


MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- A local baker is making a difference in the community by starting a fundraiser that will help the families and kids who are currently being displaced from their homes in Ukraine. She is using her side business of making Challa as a way to collect donations and eventually send the money to 'Save the Children' in Ukraine.

When Rose Fischer saw the turmoil happening in Ukraine over the past week, she felt compelled to find a way to raise awareness and donate.

“One night, I was like ‘I should do something, what can I do?’ and this idea popped into my head," says Rose Fischer, owner of Challa at the Irish Lady.

Fischer turned her late night idea into an act of giving, when she decided that she would donate proceeds from her small business to a charity, raising money for families being displaced in Ukraine.

“I just felt really pulled to want to help. For me, like, I just feel more connected when I can do concrete things," says Fischer. "And I have this challah business, it’s just a side income, so I thought this would be a good way and Ukraine does have a very large Jewish population. So connecting to that with this Jewish act that I do, making Challah, it all felt like it went together.”

Fischer's connection to the Ukrainian people goes further than just her religion, she has also felt displaced once in her life, too.

“Personally, I was raised in foster care for most of my life," says Fischer. "I had more of a settled life than other foster children but I did move around quite a bit. And so, while I don’t know that feeling to the same extent as Ukrainian people are feeling it right now, I could connect with that feeling on some level”

Since beginning her fundraiser last week, Fischer says the response has been incredible. Her usually limited customer base blew up, receiving 15 orders this week alone.

“We’re at 86 dollars and 43 cents right now," Fischer says proudly. "I’m definitely going to continue it for this coming week, I’ll take any orders I can get. And if I get too many that I can’t handle, because I bake everything out of my home kitchen, I’ll just bump them to the following week and I’ll keep it going for the whole month of March.”

Although her business is small, Fischer says she is planting the seed, and hopes others will help to make it grow.

“All it takes is a seed, I think, to start things and make them grow, and so I’m not saying I’m the seed, because I’m not, but I think every little bit can help," Fischer says.

If you're interested in donating to 'Save the Children' through Rose's business, visit her Facebook or Instagram pages. The best way to order is by direct messaging either page.

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