Howard Park ice skating season staying strong despite warm winter temperatures

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Above-average temperatures have certainly made things feel more comfortable, but it’s also had an impact on winter activities.

Ice skating is one of many winter activities that can be made more difficult when temperatures aren’t cold enough to keep the ice frozen on its own, but that hasn’t stopped Howard Park from having a great skating season so far.

“Season’s been great!” commented Macey Hanna, the Director of Recreation for South Bend Venues Parks and Arts. “We’re very fortunate to have the warm weather.”

Although the sunshine and above-average temperatures have made keeping the ice in good condition more challenging, they have also provided more comfortable weather for people to skate in.

The crew at Howard Park and the chiller system underneath the rink have helped to keep the ice from turning into one big puddle and will continue to keep the rink in usable condition for a while still. Hanna says, “we’re hoping to stay open through mid-March, of course weather pending.”

If you’d like to stop by the rink to glide around the frozen winding path, you can find more information on Howard Park’s website.

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