Gas prices continue to rise, Michiana locals react

NOW: Gas prices continue to rise, Michiana locals react


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Gas prices across the country are rising at a rapid rate due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine eight days ago. Prices are likely to reach the $4.11 record that was set back in 2008, with the current national average at $4 a gallon. Here in Michiana, gas prices reached $3.99.

“3.39, then 3.59, and then 3.89, I said ‘Oh My God!'," says a concerned local, Celia Gomez.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is pushing up the price of gas. Gas prices are surging, bringing the national average price for a gallon of gas to $3.84 on Friday, according to AAA. The prices are leaving people with sticker shock at the pump.

“This morning when I was coming to work I seen it for $3.59 but I was running late, so I said ‘I’ll go in after work’ even if I have to pay the $3.89," says concerned Gomez.

One family feeling the pinch tells me they drove about five hours from Harbor Beach, Michigan down to South Bend.

“We paid 90 dollars today to fill up our vehicle, and it was $3.89. In all of our 5 hour trip, every single gas station that we passed or saw was 3 dollars and 89 cents. Every gas station," says Angela Wood.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows inflation is rising at its fastest annual rate in 40 years, leaving many worried for what's next.

“No, I don’t fill it up," says Gomez. "I just put some in for like 3 days and then, it’s like ‘go’. I don’t have money to fill it up.”

“Especially with such a bad economy, you can’t hit us in all directions and expect us to thrive, or survive for some," says Wood.

To monitor gas prices in your area, you can visit to get an updated list of prices at gas stations near you.


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