Friends, family, and colleagues remember Zachery Potts at funeral service

NOW: Friends, family, and colleagues remember Zachery Potts at funeral service


THREE OAKS, Mich. --- It was a somber, yet touching day at Calvary Tabernacle in Three Oaks as the life of Zachery Potts was remembered by hundreds of people whose lives he impacted. They reflected on the many aspects of Zach’s life; faith, politics, and his care for others.

“I want to thank Jesus for giving me 27 wonderful, wonderful years with my son,” says the father of Zachery Potts, Rick Potts.

Family, friends, and colleagues all shared fond memories of their loved one as they gathered for the funeral of 27 year-old Zachery Potts.

“Zach was a person I knew I could always count on as a source of wisdom and humor, even on the hardest days,” says a good friend and colleague of Potts’, Griffin Nate.

“I will remember your blue eyes and red hair, the reason for which people identified us as siblings,” tearfully says Ashley Potts, one of his sisters.

Potts’ passion for his work and faith will especially be remembered by those close to him.

“I think I can speak for all the Republican candidates and elected officials in Saint Joseph County when I say that I just don’t know how we’re going to make it through this fall’s election without having him to lean on,” says Representative Jake Teshka, a close colleague of Potts’. “I know Zach loved Jesus though, and I know he’s in Heaven right now.”

Laughs and tears filled the room as his sisters shared stories that showed his ‘brotherly love’.

“Every time we would play Anniversary UNO, he would just lay down every stinkin’ draw four or draw two he had in his hand on me. Me or mom, one of the two,” Alexea Potts recalls, another sister of Potts’.

“I will always remember the many fights we got in over the TV remote when we were younger,” Ashley Potts shares. “You always knew to stand right in front of the box to block the signal from the remote.”

Something that Zach was able to teach his family even after he passed was how many lives he touched during his time on Earth.

“When Zach passed, the reach that he had, I didn’t know that,” says Rick Potts. “It helps us to see that my son touched so many lives, so many lives.”

If you’d like to send flowers or offer online condolences to the Potts family: Zachery Richard Potts Obituary (1994 - 2022) - Mishawaka, IN - Legacy Remembers (

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