Father Jenkins backs Notre Dame Police response to protesters

University of Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - University of Notre Dame's president, Father John Jenkins, released a message about the recently arrested pro-Palestinian protesters on campus.

He starts by saying he agrees the students involved were acting conscientiously out of sincerely held convictions and goes on to say police acted in a measured and appropriate manner.

In part of the official message, Jenkins states," The destruction and killing in Gaza are profoundly tragic, and the victims of bombs, disease and famine include innocent civilians, many of them children. We all should be distraught over the death and suffering. I applaud the students’ passion for justice and their willingness to expend their time and energy to address the tragedy of this conflict."

17 students were ultimately arrested during the protest on the evening of May 2.

Multiple university staff members wrote letters asking disciplinary actions to be dropped and some letters claimed the police response was disproportionate.

Jenkins says later in his message, "Notre Dame police and administrators carried out their duties with patience, discretion and professionalism, and I commend them for their work."

You can also view the message on Notre Dame's website here.

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