Fans react to Brian Kelly's exit from Notre Dame

NOW: Fans react to Brian Kelly’s exit from Notre Dame

NOTRE DAME, Ind. --- The news Brian Kelly is officially leaving Notre Dame to LSU has left many fans and students shocked and disappointed, but they say it won’t change their loyalty to the Fighting Irish next season.

"Couldn’t believe it," said McNeill, a sophomore at Notre Dame.

“Honestly it was super surprising. Obviously we saw the reports earlier in the day, but disappointed to say the least," said Mitchell, a junior at Notre Dame.

Shocked and surprised.

That’s the reaction many students and fans feel after hearing the news about Coach Kelly.

While some are in disbelief, others say they can’t really blame him for taking the job.

“After like looking into it it makes a lot of sense. Big time school, big time job, huge pay increase so I understand why he’s doing it," said Jack Adams, a Notre Dame football fan.

Some fans already have their theories about the next man in.

“I’ve heard Coach Freeman is obviously there right now. He’s done a great job. Tommy Rees, but I’m not sure. Obviously Jack Swars a great guy and a good experience a good team behind him so he’ll make a good decision," said Adams.

And while that decision is sorted out, for these Irish diehards at least their love for the blue and gold – isn’t going anywhere.

“The coach doesn’t change the facts, it’s all about the players I’d say and the team," said McNeill.

“Yeah the program is certainly what we follow not one coach, so definitely will be looking forward to the post season and next year," said Mitchell.

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