Everywhere you look, allergy season is here in Michiana

Tree pollen is high as more and more plants are flowering, and grass pollen is starting to increase as well.

Another round of rain should bring pollen counts down slightly on Friday, but sneezes will likely be on the way up again by the drier and sunnier weekend.

While rainy weather might provide temporary relief for allergy sufferers, strong thunderstorms can temporarily increase allergens for some.

Temperatures are expected to fall to near the freezing mark this weekend across Michiana. While widespread frost is likely, it is unlikely that the cold temperatures will have a big impact on allergy season. A hard freeze with temperatures falling into the 20s, however, would possibly provide some allergy relief. 

Low temperatures should remain in the 30s for the foreseeable future across Michiana.

Tree pollen should peak soon, with grass pollen increasing and peaking during the early summer.

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