Elkhart Police are searching for shooting suspects

ELKHART, Ind.--- Elkhart Police are searching for the suspects accused of shooting a KFC employee late Wednesday night. Investigators believe the suspects may have also fired shots at a Burger King just over an hour later.

Investigators say, around 11:00 Wednesday night, two men wearing masks and light colored hoodies tried to break in through the back door of the KFC on South Main Street in Elkhart. When an employee confronted the men, officials say the one the men shot the employee.

“We think their intentions were to rob the business,” said Lt. Travis Snider of the Elkhart Police Department.

Officials say the employee was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Investigators tell ABC 57 that the suspects fled on foot.

“Officers did a good job of trying to set up a perimeter going out looking for the guys,” said Snider. “They sent k-9s out after them, they even got the drone out. Unfortunately, we came up empty handed on suspects last night”.

Just over an hour later, Elkhart Police were called to the Burger King on South Main Street, less than a mile away. Investigators say two men tried to break in through the back door of that restaurant, but were unsuccessful.

“Just a few minutes after that they [the employees] heard what they initially thought were rocks hitting the front window,” said Snider “It was later determined that it was strikes from a bullet.”

Investigators tell ABC 57 that they believe the two cases are linked, but are being treated as separate investigations. They ask for anyone with any information on the shootings to call them at 295-7070.

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