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Elkhart County now has first confirmed COVID-19 case

ELKHART COUNTY - According to the Indiana State Department of Health, Elkhart County now has its first confirmed case of the coronavirus.

In an update from the ISDH website, Elkhart County has one positive case as of 10 am Saturday.

It is not known at this time of the persons age, if they were in recent contact with another person who tested positive.

We will provide updates as we receive them. 

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BrianReamer 10 days ago
i don't feel that any name or age should be kept from the public at this time put it out there for every one to see so that every one can know if they talked to or came in to contact with this person if your trying to truly stop it don't hide behind it.
mcgees BrianReamer 10 days ago
I disagree because it scares me that there is a run on the gun stores. If people are that dumb, who know what they may do if the new names and addresses.
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