Drizly taking delivery up a notch

NOW: Drizly taking delivery up a notch

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The countries largest e-commerce, on demand alcohol delivery service is making its way to South Bend.

The app Drizly is now being used at all Blarney Stone Wine and Spirits locations to help get patrons alcohol quick and easy--without you even leaving your home.

The on demand alcohol delivery app promises to bring you your favorite alcoholic beverages in 60 minutes or less.

“The pandemic, Liquor sales have been uprising. They are way up when it started and it’s continued that way. And I thought near December it might die down closer to normal but it hasn’t been," says Vinay Patel, the owner of the 7 Blarney Stone store locations in Michiana.

Sales on the rise and a new way to deliver their products--Patel says this pairing of Drizly and his stores is a long time coming.

After trying his hand at coding and making his own e-commerce website for alcohol--Patel decided to move on to Drizly just before the Superbowl.

The company currently in over 1,400 cities right now boasts bringing convenience and ease to shopping for beer, wine, and spirits.

All you need is the Drizly app and to pick out your selection.

Once it has been made, you should have your drinkns delivered in 60 minutes time.

 “Its going good. Slowly but surely we’re getting the orders and we already have started repeat customers where they like the conscience sitting at home and ordering. They can pretty much see our entire inventory between all 7 stores," says Patel.

7 stores with their eyes on the future.

“Going into future I see by 2025 not many customers will be coming into the liquor stores. And we want to be right there in the front of this e-commerce business," says Patel.

After trying to get on the online delivery platform 2 years ago, and even trying to code his own e-commerce alcohol site, Blarney Stone is happy to let Drizly take the reigns.

Drizly allows Patel to bring the 5,200 plus products available inside his stores right to the finger and door steps of Michiana.

But with a large selection and now delivery, how are they making sure alcohol is getting into the right hands?

While social distancing is maintained ID's have to be checked in person and through the apps scanner.

"We scan the is and it verifies the age so we make sure the customer is receiving is not only 21 but it matches the name of who ordered it.so it eliminates some of the underage getting to the alcohol. And with this it will not happen," says Patel.

If you are interested in a wine night delivery or picking up a new career as a Drizly driver, head over to the Blarney Stone's website for more information.

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