'Day of Care' event for Niles couple

NOW: ’Day of Care’ event for Niles couple

NILES, Mich - It was a special day in Niles for couple, Tim and Donna Burland. More than 100 man-hours are being put into their home to make it look the best it can with some help from Meals on Wheels.

"I've been praying that someone will be able to help me with these things cause I'm unable to do it,” said Burland.

Donna Burland’s prayers are being answered. 

Workers were out in Niles all day fixing up the outside of the house, planting new flowers, installing new lights, trimming trees, and helping Donna’s husband, Tim, have easier access in and out of their home. 

“My husband is an above the knee amputee and he can't do it, so this is just a wonderful happening,” said Burland. 

Friday's "Day of Care" event is sponsored by Wolverine Pipeline, which started providing a "Day of Care" for neighbors in need about 13 years ago. 

David Brooks, the utility station operator at Wolverine is incredibly honored to be able to work with such an amazing couple.

“They want to have pride in their home and because the senior couple doesn’t have the finances or the ability to make these changes, we wanted to come out here today and do that for them,” said Brooks.

The "Day of Care" at the Burlund’s is also sponsored by Meals on Wheels, which does more than just provide meals, the organization also provides companionship. 

The resource development director for Meals on Wheels, Renee Reid-Smith, believes that everyone deserves an advocate. 

"It's an amazing day, it's better than Christmas for me,” said Reid-Smith

Jerry Kimble, a senior nutrition driver for Meals on Wheels has been delivering meals to the couple for about 5 years now and recommended the couple for the "Day of Care".

The couple now considers Kimble family.  

“It's because of Jerry that this day is happening, I give God all the credit, then I give Jerry the credit,” said Burland.

Everyone there was passionate about this day of caring and trying to make this day special for the couple.

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