Couple rescued from dangling truck thanks first responders, says they're lucky

NOW: Couple rescued from dangling truck thanks first responders, says they’re lucky

ELKHART, Ind. -- A couple is lucky to be home without a scratch Friday evening. 

“She and I are really, really lucky,” Mathew Logan says about him and his wife, Lisa Logan. 

The Logans hit the road Friday morning with plans to go pick up an appliance in Chicago, a four-hour drive from their home near Toledo, Ohio 

About halfway through their trip, things took a frightening turn in Elkhart.  

They were suddenly dangling off the edge of a bridge in their rented box truck, with the view of a creek in front of them, nearly a 40-foot drop.  

“It was probably in the moments after the accident where you can see where the truck was and where we were, and that’s I think when it really hit me more was after the fact,” reflects Mathew. 

The accident, also involving an RV, was caused by slowed traffic due to a work site on the west bound lane near mile marker 91. 

They were in a state of shock, not knowing whether to move or stay put, and more importantly, not knowing how long the box truck would stay balanced over the bridge.  

“It was maybe 90 seconds, and we could already hear sirens approaching,” Mathew recalls. 

The sound of sirens led to a sigh of relief. 

From the first responding officers, EMTs, and paramedics, to the firefighters who used a ladder truck to rescue them, the couple says the quick response is the reason they made it out safe.  

Making them not just lucky, but grateful. 

“Nobody was mad at us, nobody was crossed, it was just really refreshing,” says Mathew. 

Even down to the Cracker Barrel staff giving them a free meal to unwind, Mathew and Lisa say they will never forget their stop in Elkhart. 

“In spite of everything that happened, it was nice to be welcomed into the community like family,” Lisa says. 

After the accident, Mathew and Lisa were picked up by their family. They let ABC57 know that they made it safely back to Toledo Friday evening. 

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