Community rallies around more than 300-year-old Sycamore tree

NOW: Community rallies around more than 300-year-old Sycamore tree

UPDATE: The City awaits final acceptance to allow the 300-year-old Sycamore tree to remain in place. 

According to Warsaw engineer, Aaron Ott, INDOT, the administrator for the grant funding, will need to accept a revised plan to build around the tree. 

A "bump out" curb will shift the east side of the curb furthermore west, allowing more space to shift the sidewalk west around the tree. 

Pedestrians will still be able to use crosswalks on north on Sheridan and west on Colfax. 

The new plan is expected to be approved by INDOT, but is not yet confirmed. 

WARSAW, Ind. — The corner of North Sheridan and Colfax was bustling with activity Saturday, all of which was centered around a stately Sycamore tree.

The tree has been standing for more than 300 years, according to an arborist, and measures 227 inches around.

Dozens gathered in the driveway of homeowner Gita Kamdar, who is piloting an effort to save the tree from being cut down.

Kamdar learned just weeks ago that the tree would be removed in place of a sidewalk for nearby Lincoln Elementary School.

Kamdar and the tree supporters believe the sidewalk program should go on, but not at the expense of the local icon.

Those who attended in support of its preservation shared memories of the majestic tree, drew sidewalk chalk messages and passed on stories to the next generation, which they hope will be able climb the tree for years to come.

Kamdar also spoke about growing the conservationist mindset throughout the community and hopes that tree-saving efforts don’t end here.

Anyone who’d like to sign the on-going petition to save the tree can find more information here.

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