Having a say in the future of downtown South Bend

NOW: Having a say in the future of downtown South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The City of South Bend is looking to the future, starting the process of creating a 2045 comprehensive plan for downtown.

The document, once adopted by the common council, will serve as a regulatory and marketing tool for investment, zoning and more.

Right now, the city is at the very beginning of the planning process, with the focus on gathering public input. This is done through an online survey* but also public meetings, like the one held Thursday at the downtown library.

Participants were asked to think about cities they liked visiting, and what made them stand out. Then, they were asked to offer big-picture ideas for the future of South Bend.

Public input will become the basis for a design workshop in June, then ultimately, a comprehensive downtown plan will be drafted and left to the South Bend Common Council to adopt.

The 2045 comprehensive plan will act as a regulatory document as well as a marketing document for future investors. 

“We work downtown, so we should give our input. I mean, who better than people who are there every day?” said South Bend resident Jennifer Krewson.

“Over the course of traveling and education, I realized that I didn’t have to go somewhere else to find the cool things, I can help make them happen here,” said South Bend resident Danielle Wilborn.

There's plenty of time to give your thoughts on what kind of downtown South Bend you want to see in 20 years.

The online survey can be found here.

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