Checking your AC units during hot weather

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.-- Recent temperatures have cracked the high 80's and 90's and if your AC has been struggling, that can make for a long summer!

Looking back from the summer of 2019 to 2020 those two could not have been more different.

2019 temperatures were pretty relaxed in comparison which left many AC's and their problems unnoticed until local temperatures started to recently soar.

“We kind of got a free pass last year because we didn’t really get a whole lot of heat," said owner of Tyler's Heating and Cooling, Tim Tyler. "So even air conditioners that were dirty and could have needed to be cleaned made it through and this year it isn’t happening.”

Which has made the first few weeks of summer here in 2020 a very busy season for our local HVAC companies.

“Every morning when we start the phones are just ringing ringing ringing," said Tyler.

“From 6 am to 7 pm I think we fielded 267 calls,” said owner of Sun Services, Brian Turay about Memorial Day of 2020.

When home owners are not feeling cool air coming out of their vents, typically the issues come down to 3 things.

“Get here yesterday! People usually get panicked. Often times it is maintenance related that we have especially the first couple weeks," said Turay. "You know mice will get into outdoor units, the chew on wires and pee on stuff, have nests you know the fact everyone turned on their AC’s Memorial Day weekend all at once. I think for Memorial Day our office received from 6 am to 7 pm 267 calls were fielded.”

“Very very often it’s a filter, filters are just really dirty," said Tyler. "That will make a system not perform well at all.

Issues that can be fixed with yearly maintenance checks.

“If you see something chewed or something looks dirty outside or near the unit or a funny noise, turn it off and call a professional before it gets worse," said Turay.

This year specifically the cottonwood that has been flying around is causing its own problems.

“They can’t breathe. The cottonwood is all plugged up around them and it’s 90 degrees and they’re being asked to run all day," said Tyler.

Preventatively, both owners recommend getting yearly AC checkups which deal with cleaning your filter and making sure your shrubs and grass are not overgrowing in or around the outdoor AC unit.

“Get it at a nice steady temperature," said Turay. "Be reasonable don’t let the house get to 90 and then turn it on cause it won’t get cool in an hour it will take a couple of hours to cool down and get caught up.”

Because fixing issues is key to efficiency and lowering your electric bill costs.

“It may still work but it’s going to run twice as long and your electric bill is going to show you exactly how bad it is," said Tyler.

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