Big Brothers Big Sisters work through pandemic setbacks

NOW: Big Brothers Big Sisters work through pandemic setbacks


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Big Brothers Big Sisters has been teaching the importance of face to face interactions in order to build lasting relationships among bigs and littles. But how does the nonprofit continue to do this throughout these COVID-19 restrictions?

Big Brothers Big Sisters has been a youth organization, locally, for forty years. The organization provides mentors for children in the community seeking positive role models. Through the COVID-19 crisis, Big Brothers Big Sisters has incorporated virtual activities for mentors and a way to do these safely. Regional Chief Development Officer, Kara Wood, says that the pandemic has made their services more essential than ever.

“And that’s really hard too because kids are pulled away from their friends. They are pulled away from their teachers. Some of the situations where school may have been the only place where something was the only place to go when something was going on in their home where the child wasn’t completely safe. School is a great check point because school counselor, principals are observing children for that teachers are watching, but now we have children home alone without supervision,” says Wood.  

But that is not the only setback the program faced this year, with no in person events, the nonprofit has been hurting financially. The organization is throwing their fundraisers, virtually, and now planning for an online raffle come March.

“Nonprofits are hurting, but all nonprofits are hurting, so I would like to say please donate to big Brothers Big Sisters, and I do not want to downplay that but really take a peak in your area and look for those essential services like ours to look for donating,” says Wood.   

If you are interested in supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters you can donate or volunteer to be a big here.

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