Beryl of rain and breezy Wednesday

NOW: Beryl of rain and breezy Wednesday

The rain will increase in coverage and intensity this evening through the overnight. Estimated rainfall of two to three inches is possible through Wednesday. Flooding is the main concern, with localized low areas, including roads having standing water. 

Wednesday morning will be the most impacted form heavy rain overnight, some roads could have standing water or be impassible, as rain continues to fall through the first half of Wednesday. Use caution on roads, as you may not know how deep the water is, and hydroplaning can happen even in shallow water. Wind gusts as the low form Beryl passes nearby could top 30 mph.  The rain will wrap-up Wednesday afternoon and the forecast is pleasant through Friday. The heat and humidity will rise this weekend, nearing 90 by Monday. There is a chance of isolated storms this weekend, as the sogginess evaporates in the sunshine. 

Tonight: Heavy rain. Low 66.

Wednesday: Rain and breezy. High 74.

Thursday: Partly cloudy High 80.

Friday: Mostly sunny. High 84

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