Art Beat Fest hosts 500 vendors

NOW: Art Beat Fest hosts 500 vendors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Downtown South Bend is hosting their 20th annual Art Beat Fest. The festival includes over 500 vendors ranging from food, music and art.

“It’s awesome to see this event grow. It used to be a small thing on a Thursday night and now it’s this. And it takes half of the downtown area and it’s awesome,” says Kylie Carter, Senior Director of Marketing and Events.

The 20th annual art beat fest is a celebration of the local talent with culinary, performing and visual arts.

The one-day event features 300 visual artists, five stages and food vendors.

Carter says that this year's attendance set a record and it continues to grow in popularity. She had to reject 40% of their applicants due to the size of it.

Carter says having events like this is what makes the city so unique.

“It’s really important especially because to show people that art isn’t just for rich people who have $5,000 paintings in their home. Art is for everyone. It's for kids, for adults, all income levels, all diversity. This shows anyone can be an artist. Anyone can appreciate art,” said Carter.

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