Actor Danny Trejo speaks to students at Clay High School

NOW: Actor Danny Trejo speaks to students at Clay High School

Actor Danny Trejo spoke to students at Clay High School on Wednesday. Students got to ask the star any questions they wanted.

The Spy-Kids and Dusk-Till Dawn star also talked about how he went from a drug addict who served time in prison to an actor.

He encouraged them all to stay in school and pursue their dreams.

“The only message that I really want anybody to understand is that drugs and alcohol will ruin your life. Education is the key to anything you want to do, anything. It doesn’t matter what it is…you need an education," Trejo said. "When we have an opening for a job and thirty people show up, first thing we ask is who has a high school diploma, and that’s just for me so that I don’t have to read thirty resumes, because if somebody finished high school at least they had that drive to finish high school and with all the things that are going on today, it’s pretty hard to finish high school."

Trejo threw out the first pitch at the South Bend Cubs Game Tuesday night at Four Winds Field.

He will be speaking at the Dismas House, a drug addiction recovery center, in South Bend Wednesday night.

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