ABC57 Sound Off on Kickoff: ND vs. Stanford

NOW: ABC57 Sound Off on Kickoff: ND vs. Stanford

Notre Dame fans aren’t shy when it comes to sharing their opinions on Irish football.

This week, ABC57 stopped by Taphouse on the Edge for a Kickoff edition of Sound Off leading up to Notre Dame’s matchup with the Stanford Cardinal.

On the rocky start to the season:

“Lou Holtz' first year wasn’t real good. Brian Kelly’s first year wasn’t real good. Give them some time. This is going to be a superb coaching staff," - Paul Knauss; Lake Orion, MI

“They've been improving and I think they're only going to improve more," - Sheila Leal; South Bend, IN

On Quarterback Drew Pyne:

“I hope he just plays the game for fun. Because if he does, he’s going to [make it through the season]," - Steven Conners; South Bend, IN

“Whenever he stepped in before I would say leave him in. Because I always liked him, I always thought he was going to do well, and he is doing well," - Leal

On the coaching staff:

“It’s a developmental process. I mean you think about Coach Rees, his history, and what he’s done in a short period of time. He has some great credentials," - Knauss

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