A vigil held for one-year-old who was accidently killed in June

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – A vigil was held Thursday for a south bend one-year-old who was accidently shot by his older brother.

Javion Sexton was accidentally shot by his older brother back in June on Leland Avenue.

The vigil was held at the St. Paul Bethel Missionary Baptist Church on Lindsey Street.

“This is the second vigil we’ve had in about four or five weeks for a young child. We’re concerned. We want to see the violence stop. I know you’ll never get rid of 100% of it, that’s not realistic, but this has been a tragic year in terms of homicide,” said Michael Elliot, Co-Ordinator, On Site Prayer Ministry.

A grand jury indicted the parents in connection with the shooting.

23-year-old Avion Sexton and 23-year-old Eboni Hosea are both facing multiple charges including neglect of a dependent and felony drug possession.

According to the mother she left her son with his father for a week.

She has turned herself in, but Avion Sexton has not been arrested and is still wanted by the police according to officials.

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