A Big Change: Artists collaborate on song in response to racial injustice

From peaceful protests to artistry and song, the fight for racial justice and equality continues across Michiana and around the nation.

Artists Herb Ronnell and Pat Devon, both deeply affected by the death of George Floyd and inspired by fight for racial justice, collaborated on a new song called ‘A Big Change.’

“We want to see more allyship. We want to see more local and national networks take this and continue to be advocates and champions for this message of equity and social justice. At this point we haven’t earned a single dime on this.  I’m an assistant principal, he’s the artistic director of the Phoenix Boys Choir and we have a legit 9 to 5 so this is a philanthropy piece. Yes but there is a beckoning call to deliver a message of peace and create equitable conditions for all and that’s what we hope to achieve,” said Devon.

Ronnell and Devon both attended college in Minnesota, so the death of Floyd hits close to home.

They hope to continue to spread the message of peace and justice, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“You know a big change can take place so we want the song right now to be that continuous dialogue. We feel like the momentum slightly shifts to other ideas right and to other issues that are going on around the world. Those are important too but we want to make sure that equity is first and foremost in peoples’ minds so that we can make big shifts in other areas of life,” said Ronnell.

The duo’s video has now been seen thousands of time online.

Watch the full version HERE.

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