Agriculture expert says to be on the lookout for baby animals

NOW: Agriculture expert says to be on the lookout for baby animals

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Baby bunnies, ducks, and foxes--oh my! It is baby animal season and many are starting to see these little critters around their homes and roadways.

However, the worst thing we can do is go out our way to interfere with them or their homes.

“Try not to draw attention to them," said Purdue Extension Agriculture and Resources educator, Rachel Rawles. "Go up once take a cute picture and enjoy it and then watch it from a distance.”

When you see a new hole or nest in your yard or out in public don't react.

“Just leave them alone," said Rawles, "Let nature do it thing. The best thing you can do is just leave them be.”

The wildlife expert says nests or animals that may appear to have been abandoned, is more times than not just how the mother is trying to protect them.

“Chances are the mother is near by just watching the nest trying not to draw attention to it," said Rawles. "So the more attention you draw to it by standing near the nest other predators will see it as well.”

Predators from other wild animals to even your own dogs and cats can cause issues.

In order to protect them, there are ways to do so safely and without just giving the animals space.

“Maybe skip a week or two of mowing the grass keep an eye out," said Rawles. "Because taller grasses can actually provide more of a sanctuary to those animals.”

Interfering with the animals habitats or babies could also be more harm than good for you as well.

“You don’t know which ones are carrying disease and which ones aren’t which is another reason you wouldn’t want to interfere with any of them," said Rawles.

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