57 Minute Miracle: The gift of community

ABC57's 57 Minute Miracle takes us to Plymouth!

Every Christmas season, we have our annual season of giving and with this unprecedented year, a miracle may be needed more than ever. ABC57's Meteorologist Emily Kennedy will be taking you on her journey to find a Miracle Maker and surprising the person they chose with a miracle gift. The only catch, the Miracle Maker needs to get her to that person in 57 minutes. 

This Miracle Maker takes them just down the street to surprise a woman who continuously gives back to her community. 

Christine runs the Neighborhood Community center in Plymouth and they are in need of your help too! 

They are still short of their goal to supply food and presents to families in need in Marshall county. 

If you could like to help, you can donate online at www.helpingmcfamilies.org or by mail at P.O. Box 353 Plymouth, IN 46563.

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