57 Minute Miracle: Surprising South Bend kids for Christmas

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It was a snowy day outside of the Kroc Center in South Bend, but that didn't stop our team from preparing for the third 57 Minute Miracle of the week.

How does this series work? Meteorologist Maci Tetrick picks a random location in Michiana (today, the Kroc Center) and asks people (also at random) if they know of anyone who could use a holiday miracle.

What is this holiday miracle? A gift of $570! What's the catch? The miracle maker needs to help get us to the person in need in 57 minutes.

Despite the snow, there were several people entering and exiting the Kroc Center.

We quickly met Jai Davidson, who had just finished her workout class. Jai knew immediately who could use a miracle.

"It's a young lady that I know that has three sons," Jai said. "She has recently been unemployed. She's been having some difficulties with getting assistance from various social service agencies. And I think at this time, she could use some services, or assistance."

The money would be extremely helpful to buy Christmas presents for the three boys.

Even though we didn't have far to go to get to this lady's home, Jai dropped a big surprise for us.

"Sometimes she and I don't... aren't the best of friends," she explained truthfully as we were about to knock on the door. "And I'm hoping she's receptive today."

Will the door be opened to us? Has there ever been a 57 Minute Miracle that was stopped dead in its tracks like this? Watch the three videos above for the story!

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