57 Minute Miracle: Single mother of four

While at a local restaurant in Goshen, ABC57 Emily Kennedy learned of a single mother of four who is in need of a miracle. Emily had 57 minutes to make the miracle happen – watch as the timer winds down in this week’s 57 Minute Miracle. (Watch all three videos in the video player above)

ABC57 Emily Kennedy started at Goshen's South Side Soda Shop in search of a Miracle Maker to help her find someone in need during this holiday season. That's where Emily met Alen Metcalfe, the superintendent of Goshen Community Schools. He said he remembered a conversation he had with a single mother of four children, Natasha Jones, that he had met with that morning! Once we tracked down her address, they set the timer in hopes to find this mother in 57 minutes. 

Once they made it to the address, they found out that got them to the community of homes she lived in - just not the exact house. After Alan made a few more phone calls, the narrowed down the address they made it to the house! They made it there in 27 minutes and 27 seconds. 

Natasha was surprised to see them at her door but filled with joy. The money came just at the right time! Natasha said “I thought you were someone else, I thought you were the rent lady and now this can go towards my rent!” 

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