57 Minute Miracle: Plymouth Public Library

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- It's time for another 57 Minute Miracle, and tonight, Meteorologist Maci Tetrick is in search of someone in need in Plymouth.

How does this series work? Maci approaches people, at random, and asks them if they can think of anyone else in need of a holiday miracle. If the first person can get us to the person they're thinking of in 57 minutes or less, Maci can give them a miracle of $570.

Maci started by searching outside the shops of downtown Plymouth, but because it was so cold, she had the idea to venture into the Plymouth Public Library to find people.

There, she met Brandon, who is a library staff member and a pastor at Grace Community Christian Church.

As a pastor, Brandon can think of several people who could use some holiday cheer. Can he help Maci get to any of those people in just 57 minutes?

Watch this series of three videos to watch the story!

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Watch ABC57 News for two more miracles on December 15 and December 22 starting at 5 p.m.

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