57 Minute Miracle: Going for a surprise at Goshen College

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Downtown Goshen was all gussied up for the holidays, with wreaths, lights, and decorated storefronts. It seemed like the perfect location to start our fourth 57 Minute Miracle of the week.

How does this series work? Meteorologist Maci Tetrick visits a random location. Once there, she asks someone (also at random) if he or she can think of anyone in need of a holiday miracle.

While there were multiple people out and about shopping in downtown Goshen, no one could think of anyone in need.

That is, until Maci met Karmen Campos, a student at Goshen College.

"The first person that comes to mind is my mom. She provides a lot for me. She actually provides me for going to college," she explained.

Karmen went on, a bit teary-eyed, to describe her hardworking mom, saying how she provided for her other three siblings as well.

"We try to help as much as possible," Karmen said. "But really every penny, everything counts for us."

Sounded like a perfect candidate for miracle four. If we found her, we could give her a miracle of $570 for the holidays.

The only issue? Karmen's mom was on her lunch break, and Karmen wasn't getting ahold of her over the phone.

The rule of this series is that we have to find the person-in-need in 57 minutes. Could we make this happen and find her mom in time?

Watch the three videos at the top of this article to see how this miracle goes.

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