57 Minute Miracle: A friend in need

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Wednesday, ABC57's Emily Kennedy found a local resident, Leroy Ray, at the ACE Hardware store to be our Miracle Maker. He knew of a friend in need of a miracle.

Leroy contacted his friend, Greg Wilson, but the problem was he wasn't home. Leroy told him there was a surprise for him so Greg headed home from the soup kitchen. Emily had 57 minutes to make the miracle happen – watch as the timer winds down in today’s 57 Minute Miracle (watch all three videos above). 

Emily and Leroy beat Greg to his house with time still ticking on as they waiting for Greg to get home. Emily asked Leroy how he knew Greg and why he thought of him for this miracle. 

Leroy “I’m from Louisiana, the New Orleans area, we came here after the storm. I used to live right there.”
Emily “Just right across the street.”
Leroy “That’s how I met him. So I used to live there and I met him at the washateria, where you  do laundry. Then we lived there and we started associating, that’s before he had the stroke and we became friends after that.”
Emily “Why was he one of the first ones that came to mind when you thought of someone needing a miracle?”
Leroy “He’s handicap, and I always come see him, I come check on him. Ya know, I don’t have many friends in South Bend. So ya know, he’s a nice guy. I come see him every other day.”
Emily “What do you think his reaction is going to be when he finds out?”
Leroy “He is going to be thrilled and he’s going to be happy.”

Finally Greg pulled up to his house and when they stopped the timer, it only took 19 minutes and 46 seconds to make this miracle happen. Greg was just completely taken back and couldn't believe that his friend would think of him out of everyone. 

His wish to everyone else during this holiday season, “Everybody have a good Christmas, everybody have a good Christmas, everybody have a good time, have a good year, coming up this new year.” 

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